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You can see below a selection of best logos from my logo design portfolio. All logos are based on original logo design ideas, no clip art used.


Typhoon Clean - Business Logo Design
Typhoon CleanNEW

Logo design for Typhoon Clean company
Inspiration : Typhoon in the negative space
Style : Custom logo design

Astoria - Product Logo Design

Logo design for insurance compliance automation software
Inspiration : Straight to the target. The "C" denotes asurance and the "A" symbolizes technology.
Style : Custom logo design

International Resource Management - Business Logo Design

Logo design for US construction company, International resource Management
Inspiration : "i", "r" and "m" combined in a clever way and forming a human body.
Style : Custom logo design

Agile - Business Logo Design

Logo design
Inspiration : Agile
Style : Custom logo design

Community Bible Church - Custom Logo Design
Community Bible Church

Logo design for church
Inspiration : Connecting people for life change
Style : Custom logo design