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You can see below a selection of best logos from my custom company logo design portfolio. All logos are based on original logo design ideas, no clip art used.

World.com - Business Logo Design

Logo design for travel resources web site
Inspiration : Boat wheel - the world globe and multiple directions concentred on the center.
Style : Custom company logo design

Worker Bee Solutions, Inc. - Custom Logo Design
Worker Bee Solutions, Inc.

Logo design for software company from Illinois
Inspiration : Custom graphic design of a worker bee - always there to exceed the requirements
Style : Custom company logo design

php Shield - Business Logo Design
php Shield

Logo design for php encoder product
Inspiration : Encoding key on the negative space, outer circle protect the middle source code
Style : Custom company logo design

Stock Hound - Business Logo Design
Stock HoundNEW

Logo design for stock picks web site
Inspiration : Aggressive dog ready to fight for the best stock picks.
Style : Custom company logo design

Osmotics UK - Company Logo Design
Osmotics UK

Logo design for water products company from UK
Inspiration : The fish swimming in the abstract "O"- shaped fish tank and breathing fresh air.
Style : Custom company logo design